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Hagerty Employee

The Elkhart Collection is a dizzying whirlwind of automotive treasures

Most large collections have some sort of theme. Whether it’s as specific as ’70s Mopar or as broad as classic European cars, there is usually an underlying current of taste or preference that guides a person’s acquisition choices. Then, there are rarities like the Elkhart Collection. With everything from vintage Ferraris to a 1948 Crosley ice cream truck, this collection of vehicles is astonishingly diverse. If there is a single thread to find amidst the throng of supercars, prewar jewels, off-beat microcars, ’50s American metal, Japanese treasures, and more, it’s quality and care.


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Pit Crew

"In case you’re wondering, RM Sotheby’s will keep the consignor’s identity anonymous." The consignor of this massive collection is a very well known bad man and is court ordered to sell it to pay for his wrong doings.

Community Manager

Oh wow, you weren't kidding.  I Googled "elkhart indiana fraud" and that was very enlightening. 

Advanced Driver

Short version of story: he owned a payroll company that subtracted money from the client's accounts to pay for IRS withholding but never sent the money to the IRS, and he engaged in check kiteing. This is when you write a bad check and then temporarily cover it by depositing a bad check from a different bank, which you then cover by depositing a bad check from a third bank. Even the guy's wife is suing him, for attempting to sell off commonly held assets without her permission. 



I may just drop by and pick up a few classics.  I'll bring my checkbook...

Intermediate Driver

Second video will. not load.

Community Manager

Hi @OCULUSNY - can you let us know what operating system and browser you are using? We want to troubleshoot this issue for you. Thanks!

Intermediate Driver

What is the butterscotch coupe at bottom edge of first and last pics?  Hudson?

Pit Crew

The coupe is a 1954 Hudson Italia.  Coach work built in Italia on a Hudson chassis.

There were 26 built.

Intermediate Driver

Thx for asking.  Just now, it loaded and played fine.  And ansswered my question about the butterscotch coupe.  FYI, I tried twice to reply to your email and both times it bounced saying my email was not listed on your system.