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Hagerty Employee

The CT6-V is Cadillac chasing AMG, when it should be chasing Lincoln | Hagerty Media

Cadillac's V division celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019. If the high-performance V hardware has been largely successful, and it has, Cadillac's repositioning away from a desirable brand for generations of Americans who've been brought up to think of German automotive performance as the holy grail has been less so.
Pit Crew

Caddy missed the boat ending this Jewel...

They are chasing the relevant vs the irrelevant.

Lincoln has nothin in car available and Cadillac already has them covered with the CUV and SUV lines.

It most of their money and future is EV.

The failure of Cadillac and Lincoln both are that they both lost their identities. Cadillac is nothing but a fancy Chevy/GMC and the Lincoln a fancy Ford.

The CT6 was my hope to return back to their own identity but it died when they moved to the EV plan.

The only hope now is with the EV product they can create exclusive models that share little buyers will recognize from a lesser model. It is an opportunity for a fresh start to be a unique and special division again but will they stick to this plan or change it every couple years.

The CT4 and 5 are just buying time not so much fighting Benz. With the V Black wings they can be profitable in a market that cares little for regular sedans.