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Hagerty Employee

The Corvette-based Genovation GXE is an 800-hp, all-electric vision of the future

In 18 months, Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars, intends to start building what he touts as the world’s quickest and most entertaining battery-electric automobile. Now that we’ve enjoyed a few miles at the wheel and the chance to abuse the $750,000 GXE’s accelerator, we believe this tuner is to electrons what Reeves Callaway, John Hennessey, and Ken Lingenfelter are to internal combustion. Trust us: the GXE’s middle initial (X, for extreme) doesn’t lie.


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Why didn't GM make that rear end on the C7? What a difference it makes.


I will admit the thing looks cool, but it's disgusting how many people are trying to take away the roots of what a muscle car or super car is really made of.  If you want to make an electric car for yourself or others with the same interest, do that.  But not everyone agrees that electric cars are the future.  Does no one any longer care about about rumbling feeling you get from a V8 engine or the satisfaction of hit that perfect shift right at red line?  What's fun about a manual trans in an electric car?  It'll just make more work at that point.  When did people start getting so adamant about speed that they forgot the fun of getting there.  Please enjoy your hobby.  But don't take away mine.