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Hagerty Employee

The chopped-top Plymouth wagon aiming for 200 mph on the salt

All it takes is one trip to Speed Week to get Salt Fever. The longing to go back and race can take root and grow, absent any additional tending. For Greg Friedrich, who raced this 1960 Plymouth wagon on the salt for the first time at Speed Week in 2021, one trip about 20 years ago was enough.

I was under the impression that a "Poncho" referred to a Pontiac, not a Plymouth.
Pit Crew

I agree with you. Poncho has referred to Pontiac my entire life.
Intermediate Driver

Poncho always meant Pontiac but where in this article does it say this Plymouth is a Poncho?
New Driver

Hey - just wanted to point out that there is a web series devoted to the building of this car - it's a pretty low tech affair in terms of production but it gets the point across. It was a ton of work to build this car - that's for sure!

It's a very interesting car. Part of me wishes it was more of a street car with usable wagon space but this works too.
New Driver

Wow, I saw a photo of this wagon in Hot Rod's Speed Week article in the January 2022 edition. I thought to myself, "Boy, I wish someone would do an article on this wagon by itself", and here it is. Thanks to Hagerty and Brandon Gillogly, nicely done!
Pit Crew

I wonder how much faster he could go without the "semi truck" styled bumper. A bit of roundness and channels for air flow surely would help. Looks like he is driving a brick..
Intermediate Driver

Oh man, finding this really spiced up New Years Day. What an amazing piece of work! My late cousin crewed for a BMW-powered streamliner in the 1990s and said nothing else was quite like Bonneville.