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Hagerty Employee

The case for a 6.4-liter Ram TRX

Once we all got past our initial glee that Ram would actually build a 700+ hp, long-travel, wide-body pickup to go head-to-head with Ford’s fabulous Raptor, we soon began to speculate over what else was possible. Not that we weren’t still gobsmacked about the prospect of piloting that much Hemi power over some dunes—we just love to bench race ... Read the full article on


Well the case for a TRX is there is no case for one.


Let’s look at this rationally. 

Do the big HP numbers really make this a better truck? No. In dirt and snow or off road it is only going to be able to put part of that power down to the ground. As for price only a few can afford or would pay that much for a truck. Is this truck going to save FCA? No as PSA is already wondering if a merger is the right bathing for them. Is this truck going to help DCA meet future regulations no. 

Now for all the reasons above that is why this is a cool move. It is moves from desperate companies that are willing to take chances to boost image and profile. We saw Pontiac take chances over the years to boost the brand when it was struggling and it helped. On the other hand we saw the Avanti come and not save its company and the same for the AMX..


To be honest I see FCA going out in a bang here as we will not have these cars long and we may not Ave FCA long if they do not merge well.


So boys smoked as long as you got em!