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The Camaro IROC-Z 1LE is a red-blooded '80s showroom stock racer that mortals can afford | Hagerty Media

Race cars from the 1980s are all the rage right now. E30 M3s and Mercedes 190E Evolutions regularly fetch six figures, and cars associated with Group B rallies are seeing seven. There is, however, a showroom-stock racing car from the 1980s for sale right now that will likely sell for a far more attainable price: a 1989 Camaro IROC-Z 1LE.

I remember watching one of those racing IROCs flip at Daytona without any help, just the cars racing ahead and behind it. It lifted front end over rear. What a thriller. Soon after IROC started building Dodges to replace the Chevys. That Camaro body wasn't very good in my opinion. The Manual trans models were plagued with drive line vibration issues and pop off brake off interior plastic as with all the other GM junk of the rotting plastic 80s.
Pit Crew

Only 4 1LE's were built in 1988. I know of one was in New Mexico years ago.
Intermediate Driver

Two of them are in Oklahoma.
New Driver

I've had my 91 1LE almost 20 years now. Love every chance I get to drive it. Same interior as this but with the updated dash.

Intermediate Driver

The list of errors in this article is inexcusable - it's the same internet nonsense that's been regurgitated for decades. I would have expected more research be done rather than repeating the same nonsense once again. Rotors were actually derived from the C10 program, calipers were not taken from the Corvette but are actually their own castings and LARGER than the Corvette's, driveshaft did not come from the Corvette, the MK6 T5 was not new but had been used in the L69 cars for years, there weren't 6 built in 1988, but only 4 of the IROCs and there were 3 TA's, power windows & power locks were MANDATORY options for the R7U 1LE cars ordered for the Canadian Players series due to the inability to work them around the cage. Do better next time - you're supposed to be professionals.
New Driver

I have a 1988 Camaro IROCZ 5.7 with 14,000 original miles documented and all original body.
I purchased this 2013 and wondering if anyone can give a rough estimate on its value.
Again it’s in excellent condition always garage kept never driven in rain or any bad weather.
Thank you.
Community Manager

Hello @Grunt your best bet is to check pricing here:



Yours sound like it would be in the #1 (top condition) so I would use that as your estimate! 

New Driver

Thank you.