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Hagerty Employee

The Cadillac Fleetwood Castilian is a coachbuilt longroof with maximum zoot

While we rightly mock the 1970s for using traditional coachbuilding nomenclature (i.e. Landau, Brougham, even Berlinetta and Town Car) for nothing but window dressing upon uprated trim levels, traditional coachbuilders were still engaging in proper coachwork in the era of pleather and polyester. Such legitimate affairs included neoclassic coupes with elongated snouts, downsized luxury sedans chopped up to look like neoclassic coupes, a handful of convertible conversions, at least two El Camino-like "Flower Cars" based on luxury coupes, and even "Estate" wagons based on luxury sedans. Let's discuss the latter—specifically, the Cadillac Fleetwood Castilian wagon.


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