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The C8 Corvette is not without “flaws”

Jason Fenske of YouTube channel Engineering Explained is already familiar with the mid-engine Corvette, having done the math to see how GM managed to deliver a relatively affordable mid-engine machine that performs like a supercar. In his latest video, Fenske tackles five oft-criticized aspects of the C8 Corvette for those that are still skeptical.


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Fatal Flaws:

1.  It is made by GM. Whoever you are, you probably have a compelling reason not to support GM.

2. After almost 60 years of mid-engined Corvette styling teases, the design is far from compelling. The interior is no better.

3. No available manual transmission.

4. Less practicality than any Corvette since the C3 received a hatchback.

5. Dealers who each bought several unwanted C7s just for the opportunity to gouge C8 buyers.

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