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The C8 Corvette is not without “flaws”

Jason Fenske of YouTube channel Engineering Explained is already familiar with the mid-engine Corvette, having done the math to see how GM managed to deliver a relatively affordable mid-engine machine that performs like a supercar. In his latest video, Fenske tackles five oft-criticized aspects of the C8 Corvette for those that are still skeptical.


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The one thing you cannot overcome is it's heritage:  Government Motors, taxpayer funded, waste of the taxpayers money.  The banks, GM, Chrysler, none of them were worth saving!

New Driver

Every single car company in the world has had some sort of government help at one time or your argument is basically pissing in the wind

New Driver

I'm sure the manual will come along eventually but a lot of the so-called super cars are sporting automatics now.



Excellent overview of the new and beautiful C8 Corvette !!


None of those issues seem like issues to me. Brake by wire seems like a great thing. I have't had the good luck to have a chance of driving one yet but the people I do know driving them haven't complained about the brake by wire. Braking distance is also a factor of higher car weight. It takes more distance to stop a car that is heavier. Programming in some understeer seems to be a prudent thing that GM decided to do. Most driver's can't handle a tail happy car or drive on as fast as an understeering car. The last thing GM needed was a bunch of inexperienced drivers spinning their cars off the road and getting another unsafe at any speed disaster with their signature car. 


The comments about the pushrods are old and have been demonstrated to be wrong time after time over the last 23 years of the C5 through C7 generations. The pushrod engines provide for a small low weight package that produces more HP per unit volume than any other engine in the world. Sure a Dual OHC Cam engine will have more power per unit of measure of the cylinders but in the grand scheme of things that doesn't help much if you can't get the engine in the car because it is too big. I knew several people who swapped LS1s into their Turbo'd 944s. They got twice the HP with an engine that only weighed 40 lbs more (offset by moving it backwards in the car a few inches) and let them run track sessions without spending their off track time working on the engine. 


Then of course we have the complaints about the All Season Tires. The truth is this was a very smart move by GM. The vast majority of C7 owners removed the tires the cars were shipped with and installed lower performance, higher mileage tires that worked better when driving on the streets and highways in all sorts of weather conditions. The track dogs will still change the rims to a different size and go their own way when it comes to track tires so it doesn't really matter from their standpoint.  


Fatal Flaws:

1.  It is made by GM. Whoever you are, you probably have a compelling reason not to support GM.

2. After almost 60 years of mid-engined Corvette styling teases, the design is far from compelling. The interior is no better.

3. No available manual transmission.

4. Less practicality than any Corvette since the C3 received a hatchback.

5. Dealers who each bought several unwanted C7s just for the opportunity to gouge C8 buyers.

Intermediate Driver

They had similar problems on the 2013 C6 LS7.  Spun bearings, bad valve guides, took a while for GM to get it sorted out.  GM never issued a recall, so you had to hope that if it was going to go, it would go under warranty.  When I was shopping, I intentionally looked for one that had already had the engine replaced.  That was the only way to be sure you wouldn't end up paying for a new engine.  Ended up with a 427 Heritage Convertible that had new engine, dry sump, and complete intake/FI, only 6,000 miles.  That one was covered under warranty, but there were lawsuits about those not covered.

New Driver

How come no one but Scotty Kilmer is talking about the C8's Hood suddenly opening up (THUS blocking the Driver's View) while going down the Road?

New Driver

Any comments about how to get in & out of a C8?  As a spry 6' senior citizen that has owned 4 Vettes, several exotics, and now back to German sports cars, I tried to get in a C8, but would have never gotten out.  It would have taken a winch to get out.  I was at the Carlisle Vette show last year and saw a 6'3" young man get into the spider.  His head was sticking above the windshield frame.  A C8 just sold at the Indy Mecum auction for $92K+ 10%..

Intermediate Driver

If I had the good fortune to get a C8 with the Z51 package I'd definitely replace the summer only tires with all seasons. Winters in Kentucky are cold, but with very little snow, so it would be a year round driver.


Also glad that standard transmissions are sinking into oblivion.