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Hagerty Employee

The bustleback Continental was a big part of my childhood

We all have cars in our lives that we fondly remember. Sometimes it’s one of our parents’ cars, or an uncle’s, or maybe just the next door neighbor’s car, the one that just struck you as extremely cool when you were eight. For me, it was mostly Volvos, as I grew up with them. Until seven years ago, Volvo was the only make of car I owned. At the same time, however, there were certain American cars that left a deep impression on me. Like my grandfather’s 1987 Lincoln Continental sedan.


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Advanced Driver

Wonderful story, Thomas, your best yet, I think.


I can feel your Grandpa smiling down on you.


- Jim

New Driver

I was exposed to Lincolns at an early age. Dads brother had bought a 40 Continental in 58 which he later sold to Dad. Saturday was chore day, and if and when my 3 brothers and i completed our assigned duties, our reward was a ride in the Lincoln to get an ice cream.


Still have fond memories of the 12 cylinder engine and the dual a pillar mounted spotlights which were great fun at night.


Fast forward to when I was 19, and found a mint, low mileage 64 Continental convertible.

Owned that car for 40 years, still had the original paint, leather and convertible top when I sold it due to failing health. 


It's all good though, my cousin now owns it and she rests next to Dad's 40, which my cousin had restored to a 100 pt car. Fun to go and visit them both now. Lots of great memories come flowing back just sitting in either one of them. The 40 has been in the family for 62 years and the 64 for 46 years so far.


I do still have the 55 Ford Sunliner convertible that Mom's brother bought new. Used it in our wedding in 79, and it's also unrestored with just 50 k miles, and has been in the family for 65 years. It was a hard choice to have to pick which one to keep......