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Hagerty Employee

The BMW Clown Shoe has no equal | The Next Big Thing

This week, Magnus Walker takes a trip to Beantown and visits with Rob Siegel AKA The Hack Mechanic. Both share a love for vintage cars, which is why Magnus is rather befuddled as to why Rob owns a not-quite-vintage 1999 BMW M Coupe - and why it was kept instead of the 1982 Porsche 911 [...]
New Driver

I tried to watch the video because I've always liked the BMW Clown Shoe cars, but I just couldn't get past the 'homeless guy' due to his downright awful appearance and poor attitude. Really Hagerty? This is who you choose to help represent the Hagerty brand??? I simply can't believe it. Who ever thought this was a good idea was more than 'out to lunch'. Chris Jacobs is more like it. He's funny and a joy to watch. Stick with Chris Jacobs and drop the homeless guy like a hot potato, please!