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Hagerty Employee

The best Japanese turbo sports car you don't remember | The Next Big Thing

The Isuzu Impluse never got the attention of a Supra or Integra, but it's a reminder that there are still '80s and '90s Japanese cars out there that aren't outrageously expensive and over-hyped. Magnus Walker takes a trip in a clean Impulse RS Turbo with Paul Kramer. ShareTweetShare
New Driver

I owned a Isuzu I-mark RS with the dual overhead cam, Lotus tuned suspension, Recaro seats. It was a screamer.
Pit Crew

The show car version was called „Ace of Spades“ and the production version remained very close to it.
Intermediate Driver

Testing, Saw this piece yesterday and after being shown as signed, wrote a post which never appeared. This is not the first time this has happened. I enjoy interacting with my fellow car guys and it is frustrating to take the time to write a post and have it simply not appear. I never have this issue when I post to Hemmings. Just saying.
Community Manager

Trust me, I feel your pain.