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Hagerty Employee

The best fast Fords that Brits got but America didn’t

From the Model T to the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, with the Model A, Mustang and F-Series in between, 103-years-old-today Ford has an illustrious history alright. But British fans have a very different perspective thanks to these awesome Fast Fords which never made it across the Atlantic.


With trucks and SUVs coming late to the party it’s Ford’s hatchbacks, sedans and coupes that have always got Blue Oval enthusiasts going in the U.K.


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The Lotus Cortina MK1 was sold in the US by Ford dealers until 1967. They sold 160 of them here. 

Pit Crew

After watching Lotus Cortinas in N. California vintage races, I was convinced I should get one. While I couldn't afford the full Lotus version, I did find a Cortina GT. The LHD car had sat in a backyard for a while, but was too much of a project for me. I did briefly own a 105e Anglia (also LHD) before realizing which side of the pond I was on and got a '67 Mustang notchback.