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Hagerty Employee

The Bedlam Inmates: L.A.'s new car club is all about traditional hot rods

It’s like a scene out of a 1950s B movie, like Hot Rod Girl or Hot Rod Hullabaloo, a pack of gow jobs rumbling their way through Burbank, California, the rumble from their open pipes bouncing off the buildings and echoing through the Los Angeles suburb. Cue the older guy in the fedora and necktie, “It’s those damn kids in their hot rods again Martha,” he says clutching his daughter. “Somebody should call the cops before they kill somebody.”


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Intermediate Driver

Some nice looking and interesting machines, always fun to see these memories from the past still out there.

Intermediate Driver

Very inspiring story . That is a real hot rod club !

Intermediate Driver

Sure wish we had car clubs like this in our area. Just don't see that much here where the guys get together and help each other out with their projects. 


Looks  like they are all having fun, but it still is high end, even for the '50s. I don't understand a writer that thinks rusty and crusty, makes it old school. The reality was we would use a vacuum cleaner paint job, before driving it anywhere, when it looks like it has been in a junkyard for 30 years. Only the week after it first was running and driving would it look like that.

Pit Crew

Check out the Instagram pix, if you haven't already.


Very cool!  I'm more into '60's muscle, myself (I own four from the era), but I do love the traditional style Hot Rods also.  I'd love to see these cars at the Back To The 50's car show, here in Minnesota, next June.

New Driver

Hello, I’m wanting info on how to join the bedlam car club. Thx, Bebop40
Community Manager

Your best bet is to get on Instagram and speak to them directly: