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The answer is always Miata

Like a lot of you, I spent the rainy and chilly spring fretting about the amount of time my suddenly stay-at-home kids spent on screens. How, I wondered, could I get them into something else without feeling like a camp counselor and driving myself insane?


The oldest of our three kids, 17-year-old John, is not the car-crazy nut his old man is but has a burgeoning interest in driving and wrenching. I’ve been an imperfect mentor because I tend to be too precious about my own ragtag used-car fleet. For example, our 1995 Mustang might be a perfect canvas to let him tinker, but it’s a cream puff with only 40,000 miles that we can only make worse by ripping apart to cure boredom.


Miata to the rescue ...


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I bought my son a '75 Bronco when he was 14 years old. It was a decent but well used old Bronco and he piddled around with it 'til he graduated from high school. I told him several times that if he wanted to sell the Bronco now might be the time. He said, ' I'll never sell my truck Dad." Now he wants me to order a new Bronco, in a color scheme we both agree on, and he says he'll paint his to match. Sounds like a great idea, right? 

I now drive a '67 MGB like I had when I was 19. MGBs were the Miatas of yesteryear.