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The Allanté was once envisioned as "The New Spirit of Cadillac"

The start of the 1980s was a truly troubled time of product downsizing, lookalike styling, and sub-standard quality at General Motors. In the face of strengthening foreign competition, Cadillac general manager Bob Burger concluded that his division needed a top-of-the-line two-seater—a high-style, high-tech, high-image, high-priced halo car intended to boost the image of Cadillac’s roster. We know it today as the Allanté, a car that did not live up to its potential, but nonetheless stands as an example of Cadillac's profound ambition to up its game.


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I bought my '93 in 2013 with 42k miles.  It turned 59k miles on Sunday.  I've not had any issues, other than the poorly designed rear pull-down motor for the top.  It gets out of adjustment and requires a tweak every couple of years, which I can do myself.  If it had a real power top, that worked like most other convertibles, I think they would have been more successful. 

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