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The Allanté was once envisioned as "The New Spirit of Cadillac"

The start of the 1980s was a truly troubled time of product downsizing, lookalike styling, and sub-standard quality at General Motors. In the face of strengthening foreign competition, Cadillac general manager Bob Burger concluded that his division needed a top-of-the-line two-seater—a high-style, high-tech, high-image, high-priced halo car intended to boost the image of Cadillac’s roster. We know it today as the Allanté, a car that did not live up to its potential, but nonetheless stands as an example of Cadillac's profound ambition to up its game.


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A close work friend bought a used 89 in 2009 and was very proud of it for a while.  Despite being babied by its owner,  It spent most of the 11 months he owned it in the shop being repaired.  It seemed everything would fail eventually in that short time period.  A failed part for every drive.      After spending as much on repairs as he had spent on the car originally, the starry eyed love affair was over, and he reluctantly sold it.  Its been 10 years now and we still joke about that money pit every time we get together.    I'm sure that there are plenty of happy owners that would attest to this cars greatness.  As you can get good and bad cars in any model line.  So no hate mail please!  This was just our experience, and many people may find the car to be a solid driver, and their love affair to be deep and fulfilling.

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