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The Allanté was once envisioned as "The New Spirit of Cadillac"

The start of the 1980s was a truly troubled time of product downsizing, lookalike styling, and sub-standard quality at General Motors. In the face of strengthening foreign competition, Cadillac general manager Bob Burger concluded that his division needed a top-of-the-line two-seater—a high-style, high-tech, high-image, high-priced halo car intended to boost the image of Cadillac’s roster. We know it today as the Allanté, a car that did not live up to its potential, but nonetheless stands as an example of Cadillac's profound ambition to up its game.


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Let me qualify this comment that it was narrated to me by a close friend who got it from his friend, a top manager in the Allante project. The first pre-production car was flown from Turin to Detroit and finished to test drive. The first concern was noise and leakage where the top met the top of the windshield, quite unacceptable. So they flew it back to Turin for a design correction. It came back the following week and seemed acceptable. The manager said they were curious how Pininfarina had corrected it so fast and what was done. They pulled back the trim and there was the solution in the header, Newspaper was stuffed into the front of the top.

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