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Hagerty Employee

The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a wonderful V-8 sports car Alfa never sold in Montreal

Alfa Romeo made two unnamed prototypes for the Expo 67 held in Montreal, both based on the Giulia Sprint GT’s chassis with the four-cylinder from the TI version. Wowed by Marcello Gandini’s design, little did that crowd in 1967 know that three years later, the Italians would put it into production with a V-8 upgraded from the Tipo 33 prototype. After naming the vehicle the Montreal (after the Canadian expo’s host city) without much fanfare, Alfa ended up not selling its halo car in North America at all. In the rest of the world, this 2+2 simply cost too much to compete with heavy hitters like the Porsche 911 and Jaguar’s iconic E-Type. After launching in 1970, the Alfa Romeo Montreal was discontinued in 1977. Read the full article on


I don't know if it was every sold in Montreal, but as a 19 year old italian kid living in Montreal I did see one at John Scotti garage back in the early 80's in Montreal North, and I did fall in love with the car it was as beautiful as you can imagineimagine