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The 9 most valuable cars bound for the 2020 Monterey Online auctions

If you’re a high roller in the collector car world, the annual pilgrimage to Monterey is a way of staying involved in the hobby, networking, and moving chess pieces on the board of your collection. Still, even for the the rest of us who watch the bidding from the sidelines, witnessing sensational vehicles change hands for big bucks is a summer tradition. Although we’ll have to do it this year online and from the comfort of our own homes, we’d rather miss out on the titter of the audience and the occasional applause than go a year without August auctions altogether.


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I'll take the 1750 Alfa please. BTW, I know that RSK. I saw it in 1960 at the first race I ever attended, the Thompson (CT) National. Holbert rolled up to our hotel in a new Pontiac wagon, the RSK in tow, a spare motor in the back, and his son, Al, as crew. Later it was owned by Bernie Veihl and was maintained by Hans Zereis in NJ. I had a hillclimb prepped Speedster at the time with some work done at the same shop. As I recall it had the body modified with a longer nose and Kamm style rea end. That's obviously been repaired now. Years later I owned RSK #32, sadly it was a bitsa and beyond my means to restore. I believe it later passed through Ralph Lauren's hands. Love to have a "K", but oh that Alfa!

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