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Hagerty Employee

The 6 most interesting hardtop wagons of the postwar era

In 1949, General Motors gave us the two-door hardtop. Six years later, it rolled out the four-door hardtop and the hardtop wagon. Indeed, GM was first with the two-door Chevrolet Nomad and Pontiac Safari, but the me-too brigade came out with four-door hardtop wagons with a bit more utility. Read the full article on

New Driver

Goes great with my morning coffee! The first thing I read before reality drop kicks me. Ahh the dreams and memories.

New Driver

Although not a "hardtop" wagon, I have always longed for one of the Buick/Oldsmobile? wagons with the vista view windows in the slightly raised roof. Reminicent of the trans Canada rail-road cars!
Pit Crew

Nothing like a hard top wagon. ♥️♥️


Great looking cars in the article. Hardtop models didn't always age well as far as sealing up well and keeping wind noise down vs. the same model with door pillars. But as a new car the look is hard to beat.


In the salt belt you had another issue once the rust got into your rockers and the center stub post (on the 4 door models) became a floppy thing of misaligned doors and body shake. 4-door hardtops didn't rebuild well from getting t-boned either, but then not a lot of cars are ever right after getting t-boned anyways.

New Driver

Honorable mention: The Studebaker wagons with the roll back top that would turn the cargo area in a sort-of pickup. 

Pit Crew

Around 1968, I remember when Ford came out with the dual tailgate.  Open as a door or lay down.  Pretty cool when riding in the back while inhaling exhaust fumes.

New Driver

My father had a 1956 Rambler deluxe Cross County wagon.   White  over pink and black.   Likely where my fandom of the AMC began.   LOL

Pit Crew

Wagons have a special place in my heart.  My parents never owned one, but everyone else in my neighborhood did, and I road in all of the at one time or another.  These are fantastic representatives.  Love them all.

New Driver

I had an Oldsmobile "Vista Cruiser" back in those days.  It had a distinctive clear plastic window on both sides of the roof line.  Great looking car

Intermediate Driver

I never knew that Ford (or their Mercury division) had built a 2 door wagon, as had GM with the Nomad and Safari.  Love the look of the Buick Caballero.  Interesting how the magazine ad illustrations for the Chrysler and Dodge wagons distort the cars' proportions, making them appear longer/lower.  Today, that sort of thing would get you sued for false advertising.

Pit Crew

Loved my first car: 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon. 2 doors and perfect for 2-tone paint job. I won many country road drag races until sucking a valve. I went easier on it after the rebuild. 


Thanks for this. I've been looking for a reto-wagon, and you've put a few more options on my radar.

Intermediate Driver

Forgot Plymouth!

Advanced Driver

which plymouth?

New Driver

I wish there was a site were people that had these barnfinds and hard to find cars could go and post their cars. I've been looking for a 1972 Gran Torino wagon to start a new project. I think they have great style and with the right mods would make a beautiful cruiser! Coyote with a 10 speed, custom interior, lowered just a bit with modern 18in Magnum 500 wheels! No squire paneling, country sedan style, no roof rack. Awsome!
Anyone know were one is??