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The 5 coolest cars named after animals, according to the Hagerty Community

For something that is largely arbitrary, car names are considered sacred by automotive faithful. Should an OEM revive a nameplate and not live up to consumer expectations set by the model's previous generation, the critics will be vocal (you can keep your modern GTO comments to yourself.) However, before a nameplate can be revived it must be born. The conference rooms of automakers surely still have coffee spill stains and pizza grease in the floorboards from late-night brainstorming sessions choosing the perfect name for a new model. More than occasionally, an animal provided inspiration for a car that would, once realized, be beautifully photographed for brochures and enjoyed by drivers on the road.


With so many cars that share names with animals, we were curious which were the coolest of the group, so we asked the Hagerty Community to help us decide. We plucked the top five answers from the ensuing discussion.


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