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Hagerty Employee

The 3150: Holley’s forgotten performance carburetor

Holley’s three-barrel carburetor had a small window in history, where it was one of the meanest street carburetors you could get. Today, information on them is hard to come by.


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New Driver

Excellent article!


I loved that carburetor!! I rebuilt a 1970 GS 455 in 1986 w/ a .030 over 10 to 1 compression forged pistons w/ Offenhauser 360 aluminium intake an the 3150 Holley. I still have the original engine today on an engine stand in my garage.


Enjoyed your article on the 950 & 1050's. My brother and I had a 1050 on our LS6 in a 67' Chevelle SS. Drove it mostly on the street.  Yes, it bogged momentarily  sometimes but it was easy to work on. We put a 780 on the LS6 years later. Still have the LS6 on a  cradle and the 1050 in a box. The Chevelle now has it's original L-35 and drivetrain back in the car. The car has been in our family for 50 years.

Hagerty Employee

How did the 780 compare to the 1050?


I love odd and different carburetors. This one is super cool. 


Many years ago I ran a 950 3bbl on my 71 Hondo V-drive flat/427 Ford FE. Great carb for that application. The engine would spin 7100 rpm with no flatspots, hesitations, bogs, etc.  I have since acquired 2 more, another 950 and a 1050. Rebuild kits are no longer available but with some creative handiwork a 4150 kit can be made to work as well as the larger secondary diaphragm for a replacement.

Hagerty Employee

This was exactly what I was hoping to hear, that sounds like a mean boat!


The spring-loaded choke was unique. Could be difficult to start my old Shelby at times during Northeast winters!

Hagerty Employee

It seems like that steel cable would eventually wear into the carb body too.


I don't have much knowledge of the 3 barrel, but I bought a 4160 in 1991, and put it on my 307 Chevy with a performer manifold. Well over 100k miles later, that 4160 still performs great with no problems ever. Great throttle response. What a great carburetor the 4160!


I've seen and O/Hed some Holleys in my time but never have I heard of a 3150 until now.

When I saw the pic of that giant oval rear throttle I thought of my 289 torquer at the same time. I can understand the lean spots from the throttle opening to quick and I'm certain Holley must have offered a variety of diaphragm springs to slow the open time


Advanced Driver

Remember the 'blow out valve'


If your going to "USE IT"

New Driver

Years ago I found a 950 at a swap meet and put in on my 440 with an Edelbrock Tarantula. I had mechanical secondaries and the sound it made when the big butterfly opened without the air cleaner was awesome. But lack of rebuild parts made me shelve it. Still collecting dust in my garage today.
Pit Crew

Ran a 1970 383 Super Bee with a 950CFM. Slapped it on an Edelbrock Taruntula manifold. No mods were necessary. It was a real beast.
New Driver

1964 was the first year the Holley Model 3160 3-Barrel Carburetor was introduced for use in a NASCAR Race on July 4th on the Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Mopar Chryco 426 HEMI V-8, research suggest, as I have a saved image of a vintage period "Honest Charlies" advertisement that states specifically that and includes an overhead picture of the actual Holley List 3085 3-Barrel Carburetor Chrysler Part Number 2536406 but am unaware of how to include an image with this comment post or if that is even possible. Peace.
Community Manager

New Driver

I built a ZL1 crate motor in 69 for Bonneville Salt flats I ran two holley 3 barrels on a edelbrock tunnel ram. It dynoed at 792 hp on pump gasoline, produced more hp than injectors.