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The 25 Greatest Mustangs

The Mustang contains multitudes. Although it’s never radically departed from Lee Iacocca and Donald Frey’s original formula, it has managed, over the decades, to spawn endless variants and attract loyalists of all ages and from all walks of life. Every Mustang lover has their favorite. These are the 25 that matter most to us.


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Seriously? "Actually, the Best Mustang is a Camero?"  Are you trying to pick a fight with your loyal car loving insurance clients?  I really didn't see the humor in the article and I hope to see "Actually, the Best Camero is a Mustang" in your next article.  BTW, you have a picture of a 73 fastback on page 75 and not a 1971 "Eleanor" Mustang (Vertical Blinkers on the name one obvious difference.  You're welcome.)