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Hagerty Employee

The 2022 Honda Civic is a cleaner, simpler compact sedan

Honda just unveiled its 11th-generation 2022 Civic Prototype via a livestream on Twitch, the foremost live-streaming platform on the internet with more than 17.5 million visitors daily.


Why does that digital-age jargon matter in the least? Since the 10th-generation Civic debuted in 2015, Honda has sold more than 1.5 million examples in America. Since 2011, the Civic has been the most-purchased vehicle by millennials, according to Honda. It also says that Civic is the most trusted nameplate among millennials and the even-younger Gen Z, and given that those generations are firmly ensconced in the world of live-streaming, the reveal makes more than a little sense—COVID pandemic aside. It also sheds light on exactly the demographic Honda is hoping to reach with this toned-down Civic design.


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