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Hagerty Employee

The 2021 S-Class is the most advanced Mercedes ever

Mercedes has ramped up the tech on the all-new S-Class to the point where the company felt the need to recruit the founder of chip-maker Nvidia for its launch.


Jensen Huang describes being inside the new S-Class and using its sophisticated voice and gesture controls as being “like Tony Stark.” Exactly what Audi, which laid out millions to have Stark drive its cars on screen, thinks about that assessment remains to be seen ...


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Hagerty Employee

I know the shiny plate in the grille is to protect and house all the techy bits, and that it's *supposed* to be sneaky ... but I notice it every time, and it bothers me. 

Hagerty Employee

this exactly, bothersome like the film that layers all of our electronics out of the box. must resist ... the urge ... to just ... peel it off?

Community Manager

It's a shame when they can't integrate it into a big logo, or put it way down low in the bumper (like a Taycan). 

Hagerty Employee

yeah, guess they could take a hint from Genesis ... (!)