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Hagerty Employee

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX places the Ford Raptor squarely between its supercharged jaws

Less than one year after Ram officially confirmed the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX for production, we now have our first look at the monstrous truck in its entirety. In case it’s unclear what the benchmark was for the TRX, know this: during the live-streamed unveiling event, Ram brand head Mike Koval Jr. concluded his opening remarks by staring directly into the camera and barking “in Jurassic terms, the T-rex destroys Raptors.”


For years, the Ford Raptor enjoyed an empty desert when it came to upper-echelon performance trucks built for jumping and thumping off-road. While the Colorado ZR2 Bison broadened the competition a bit, the TRX is pursuing this rugged performance crown the only way FCA knows how—overkill.


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New Driver

As long as it doesn't spend most of it's time in the repair shop..... LOL


Intermediate Driver

Then it would be just like a Ford...


No mention of fuel mileage. Sounds like the ultimate guzzler of modern times. No diesel option. When it runs out of gas on the desert, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Duramax Diesel will eat it for lunch.


Pretty sure the ZR2 doesn't go where the TRX and Raptor go. Or if it does, it takes three times as long to get there. These trucks are in a class of their own.


I'm a proponent of competition--it breeds better products. On that note, I say, "Welcome, TRX." I'm a customer of either truck (TRX or Raptor) only in fantasy land, though. It will be interesting to read about the head-to-head comparisons soon.

Pit Crew

The more time I spend on the roads out here around Denver, the more I feel the need for something like this from a defensive point of view.  A lot of guys out here into the "mine's bigger than yours" vibe.  Guess this fits that bill!