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Hagerty Employee

The 2011 BMW 1 Series M was an instant collectible ... but has its moment come and gone? | Hagerty Media

It's been a decade since the launch of the 1 Series M. For many sports cars, this is around the time nostalgia starts to set in and when collectors start to supplant young performance junkies as the primary owners. For this fat-fendered, hot-rodded Bavarian, it's been a bit different: Considered special since it was new, the 1M has practically never depreciated.

It doesn't appeal to BMW traditionalists, and people who just want a badge that goes fast are better served by the M2. I'm amazed it retained elevated values from the moment the M2 became available. I guess there is something to be said for scarcity in a world where there are people who will buy things just so other people can't have them.

So it doesn’t appeal to traditionalists or people who only care about numbers. I guess that leaves the category of enthusiasts who want the most fun car they can get their hands on above all other factors. It’s a parts bin special, but they’re the best parts in an eager chassis.
Intermediate Driver

There's something about the 1 Series that takes me back to the 325i Series of the 80's. Its tall roof line, it's very toss-able chassis, rev-happy engine, lightweight feel, brings back fond memories. It's not a 1M, but if they weren't so pricey, I definitely would have bit the bullet on one.
I knew as soon as I saw the specs on the 1M, this was going to be a very desirable car. Sports car specs in a lightweight coupe. What's not to like? The new Bimmers are so-o-o-o bloated looking and drive like it. Lean and mean and a small dose of practicality is what I like.
New Driver

Interesting analysis - surprising is that the 135i was completely left out. Looks like only the holy grail M models were considered. And that’s ok - I’m guessing the 135 insurance rates are appropriately less than the 1M.
Hagerty Employee

Truly has nothing to do with insurance, which is the case with just about all of the articles we write. (Church and state!) As you might expect, the M cars just establish themselves as collector cars much sooner than ordinary-spec examples. Takes nothing away from the 135i or 128i, which may well have their day in the future as the 318 and 325 E30 are having now, but the standard 1 Series cars are not being treated/handled in the same way the 1M was from the outset.


I have the 'normal' 1 series and even without the twin turbos it's a lot of motor stuffed into a tiny little car, so its a solid performer without drinking a lot of gas. I would like the third pedal, but I have to admit I am faster without it. It lacks a little something in curb appeal, but the flared fenders on the M version address some of that. I can understand why it is maintaining its collector value
Advanced Driver

Now I'm hoping the values on 135is stay the same. With the N54/N55, those things will definitely become the new E36.

Funny how perspective changes opinion. I used to think “Bangled” BMWs the ugliest cars they ever made. They’re starting to look a little better alongside the current cartoon nostril nonsense they produce now (hurt even more by their almost complete lack of steering feel and sporting character).

It will always have demand but the M2 took away most if it's thunder. It just took awhile to happen.

On a side note, the current 3 and 4 series with the mole rat grille is just a hideous car.