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The 2006–10 Pontiac Solstice offers an affordable alternative to Japanese roadsters

Of all the kids in the GM family, Pontiac suffered the most from this sports car favoritism, despite being the General’s “performance division.” Pontiac’s Banshee concept got quashed in the ’60s. Its Fiero was compromised and underfunded in the ’80s. But, in 2006, Pontiac finally got another go in the two-seater game in the form of a Miata-fighting four-cylinder drop-top called the Solstice.


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My daughter owned a Sky for a few years and loved it but sold it because she never had time to drive it. As a busy realtor, the Sky was totally impractical for her. I considered buying it but I never have time to drive my Corvette and didn't need another car to take up space. The only problems she had were the VVT solenoids, inexpensive fix, and I had to replace the water pump. You must have a tool for that and keep the timing chain tight or else you will be pulling the front cover and resetting the ratcheting chain adjuster. 


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