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Hagerty Employee

The 2006–10 Pontiac Solstice offers an affordable alternative to Japanese roadsters

Of all the kids in the GM family, Pontiac suffered the most from this sports car favoritism, despite being the General’s “performance division.” Pontiac’s Banshee concept got quashed in the ’60s. Its Fiero was compromised and underfunded in the ’80s. But, in 2006, Pontiac finally got another go in the two-seater game in the form of a Miata-fighting four-cylinder drop-top called the Solstice.


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Yeah, the water pump situation sucks, heck even the thermostat requires a lift, tiny hands, and a can opener. Keeping in mind that engine was designed to be part of a transverse mounted front wheel drive Cobalt explains it, but that doesn't make it easier to get at. 😉
New Driver

I have refurbished driven and sold well over a hundred cars since I was 18. I like my Solstice with a Nomad roof best!