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The 1991–96 Buick Park Avenue was the essence of ’90s American luxury

It's unfortunate there's only one Buick sedan (the Regal) available these days, but there was a time when a Buick sedan commanded utmost respect, busted brand perceptions, and turned heads. The 1992 Park Avenue Ultra was probably the high-water mark: A supercharged, decadently appointed luxury sedan with a reasonably controlled suspension worthy of taming its force-fed engine. All 1991 to 1996 Park Avenues, in fact, were so full of surprise and delight that, to this day, they are a credible alternative to other luxury sedans of the era.


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Replies (4)

Replies (4)

I remember well picking up a black on red loaded 1991 Park Ave from a parking lot at the GM Proving Grounds, driving it to the chassis dyno's where I worked, and installing it on the dyno for test. Just a beautiful car. I especially liked the big switch bank on the dash, and the comfortable seats. The red leather interior stuck with me. These are great cars.

Intermediate Driver

I rode to the hospital in the backseat of my uncles big Buick, lovely car smelled brand new and was very plush.  Trying not to get blood on his interior- see me and my cousin had a violent mid-air collision, and it took 4 or 5 stitches to the top of my head to fix me up.  Amazing the amount of blood that flooded my face and shirt.  They wrapped me up tight in towels and shoved me in the back of the Buick for an express ride to the hospital.  A couple hours later I was back and in good spirits, but no more trampoline that weekend.  

Intermediate Driver

This was GM at its early 1990s finest. A superb long-range sedan; a friend and I drove one from Los Angeles to Michigan in January 1992, including through some rather treacherous snowstorms in the Rockies. Fast, comfortable, secure. One particular detail I recall: the  illuminated mirrors at both rear outboard positions; they flipped down from the ceiling, allowing rear-seat occupants to double-check their lipstick before alighting from the car. 

Hagerty Employee

My late father's 1994 Park Ave Ultra sleeps in the garage of our guesthouse, awaiting a new fuel tank and pump. We used it for yrs after inheriting it, and we'll use it again as a family cruiser. It is quite agile as well as comfortable; we got 26 to 30 mpg when cruising on interstates, not trying to break a cannonball record.

Pit Crew