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Hagerty Employee

The 1990–96 Nissan 300ZX was Japan’s Corvette killer

Is the 1970 Datsun 240Z the best Z-car ever? Depends on whom you ask.


Baby boomers will argue for the original Z of 1970. Their children, enthusiasts born in the 1960s and ’70s, will offer up a very different response–the third-generation 300ZX sold from 1990 to 1996. And here’s a requisite nod to the folks who’ll raise their hands for the largely overlooked 1984–89 Z that came between. But it’s that third-gen machine, designated Z32 internally, that best epitomizes the qualities we like in a classic for $15,000 or less.


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I wasn't into Japanese sports cars growing up. I was more into the older muscle cars. But I always thought this was a very nice car with great performance for the era. And frankly it's aged beautifully. A very handsome sports car.