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The 1978-95 Porsche 928 is no longer a black sheep

It sounds crazy now, but in the 1970s, the Porsche 911’s days looked numbered. The signature sports car had been around for a while, and in the United States, where more than half of all Porsches sold at the time, safety and emissions regulations were becoming onerous and ever-changing. With all of the uncertainty, Porsche had to start facing the notion that the 911 might be too complicated to make compliant. Of course, the 911 never went anywhere, but just in case, Porsche started work on a new model. Read the full article on

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I'm an outlier - the only Porsche's that have ever turned me on are the front engine, rear transmission models.  Drove a 928 back in 1993, came oh-so-close to buying it (I think the lot was only asking $5000.00 for it), but chickened out because there were no repair shops in Johnstown, PA that had any idea what to do with one of them.  If I'd have needed repairs, I'd have had to go 75 miles west to Pittsburgh.


In the end, I finally somewhat scratched my Porsche itch by buying a 924S.  To this day, I consider it the best car I've ever owned.  Stupidly traded it on a Pontiac Solstice (because I'd been promising myself a roadster for 40 years at that point, and after my wife's death I decided I'd better start fulfilling a few of my promises soon), and regretted the move within 60 days.


Still want a 928, 5-speed only please.  And that's been the rub:  Like C4 Corvettes (another unfulfilled promise), every one I've ever seen for sale has been an automatic.  And there's no way I'm buying either of those two marques with a slushbox.

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