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The 1978-95 Porsche 928 is no longer a black sheep

It sounds crazy now, but in the 1970s, the Porsche 911’s days looked numbered. The signature sports car had been around for a while, and in the United States, where more than half of all Porsches sold at the time, safety and emissions regulations were becoming onerous and ever-changing. With all of the uncertainty, Porsche had to start facing the notion that the 911 might be too complicated to make compliant. Of course, the 911 never went anywhere, but just in case, Porsche started work on a new model. Read the full article on

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I have a 1986-1/2, 928S with a 5, speed manual transmission. I'm surprised that the author of this article didn't mention it. It is a low production, special version, that  retains the appearance of the original version with upgrades that would become standard on the 1987. That said, fun to drive, powerful, great design, small, low a more of a sports car than a GT. Worth it to o get all the kinks out and drive it, which evidently people do without fear of putting on the mileage. Some have reached 600,000 miles, without a rebuild, they were made that well!