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The 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham is one classy Colonnade Coupe | Hagerty Media

Back in 2013, I saw perhaps the finest Olds Cutlass Supreme Brougham in the wild (excluding car shows, of course): a silver-blue '77 coupe with white landau top. It was, quite simply, gorgeous. And I have a history with the Colonnade Cutlasses. That's right folks, it's another '70s Brougham post.

Wow, what a car. One of these in a Jade Green with the lighter green velour interior and 1/4 vinyl roof was my high school dream car. You can tell I'm from the midwest. LOL...
Intermediate Driver

Maybe not the best cars in history, but I'd take this Cutlass in an instant rather than the bland stuff being produced today. Definition of frustration: Now retired and able to afford just about any new car within reason, there is nothing I wish to buy!
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ditto. I have no desire for any car that looks like an insect, so that basically leaves the Challenger, which I like, but it's not 2008 anymore. The money stays in the bank.
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I bought a '76 bran new. It was white and burgundy. I bought the Salon model for the sport appearance. It had super soft comfortable seating in white vinyl. The balance of the interior was burgundy but I think the headliner was white.
Half roof was also burgundy. The engine was an olds 350. Also had posi-traction and I had the insides coated by Ziebart. I'll never forget the thrill of driving that automobile.
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Now that's a ride from the 70's! Love the low miles and original condition. Really love all the chrome and do dads from my youth. I'm not a big fan of the Colonnade cars, but this one, in 0one of my favorite colors, is a fine looking automobile. Truly from the days where you would rather sit in your car, than sit on your couch, because the car was far more comfortable. 🙂 Thank you Thomas!

1976 and 1977 were the best years for this car IMO... the revised body simply looks more balanced and the waterfall grille is spectacular.

My grandmother had a 1976 Salon coupe, my mom had a 1977 Supreme coupe with the 403.

I owned a 73 Cutlass Supreme. I prefer the looks of the earlier cars personally. The flush mount bumper out back looked very good and I suspect that if you were to suck in the front bumper a bit, it would be a real stunner.

Advanced Driver

Ah, the Quad Cities...

At some point after Hacker and before Green Chevrolet, it was Warren Chevrolet, up on 42nd Ave, now called Avenue of the Cities. Green/Chrysler/Plymouth is where I saw my ‘70 Monte Carlo, late one rainy night in early November. I had saved all my money from working over the summer to buy her. 30 years later, transported all over this country, I still have the old girl.

The hardest part about the 73-77s was the rust, first it ate the bumpers, then the doors.

Still, tons of fun in my Buddy Mark’s 77 SJ, doing donuts in the empty snow covered Venture parking lot.