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Hagerty Employee

The 1976 Fleetwood Talisman was the Broughamiest Brougham that ever Broughamed

Have you ever had a car you were immediately infatuated with at first sight, meant to write about as soon as possible, but kept getting displaced by other subjects? It happens to me frequently. Other car shows intervene, more and more photos get taken. Bright, shiny, rolling vehicles with opera windows and crushed velour distract your author.


In that same vein, after a long hiatus, I finally got this most excellent GM luxury cabin cruiser onto the page. May I present the Broughamiest Brougham that ever Broughamed? Well, at least in my opinion ... Read the full column on



I remember these cars quite well. The were Gen-You-Ine "Iowa Class" American Guardrail Destroyers.

I always felt like I was sitting in my grandma's sofa when I sat in one.

Pit Crew

Fab-luss! 1970's excess at it's most gorgeous best! I, too, have both of the "little cars", as I called them in my elementary school years, pictured above. I also adored my red with white top Lincoln Mark V, light green Mercury Villager wagon, silvery taupe 1980 Cadillac Seville (one my Granny shuttled me to a dozen stores to find), and too many more to name. At one point, I had 200+ of the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Ahhhh, those were the good ole days. If only I could go back!