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The 1973 Buick GS Stage 1 four-speed is a rare, forgotten muscle machine

Buick’s public relations department was asleep at the wheel in 1973. Although the brand’s Gran Sport Stage 1 was among the stoutest of the remaining midsize muscle cars offered that year, it was largely ignored by most of the major contemporary car magazines. Car and DriverRoad & TrackHot Rod, and others failed to publish road tests of the GS, which offered more cubic inches, horsepower and torque than almost anything else coming out of Motown.


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A friend of a friend in high school had one back in the early 80's. It was a 455 car and I believe it was a Stage I as well, Blue with gold lettering/side stripe. For some reason, he had it repainted by Earl Scheib, who painted over all the decals and stripes. It was just terrible. 

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