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Hagerty Employee

The 1973 Buick GS Stage 1 four-speed is a rare, forgotten muscle machine

Buick’s public relations department was asleep at the wheel in 1973. Although the brand’s Gran Sport Stage 1 was among the stoutest of the remaining midsize muscle cars offered that year, it was largely ignored by most of the major contemporary car magazines. Car and DriverRoad & TrackHot Rod, and others failed to publish road tests of the GS, which offered more cubic inches, horsepower and torque than almost anything else coming out of Motown.


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Can anyone tell me the main differences between this car and the '73 Century 350, automatic? Had that beautiful, yet to be copied, emerald green color. Not sure the OEM name. White buckets and white vinyl cut-back hardtop. It was a looker!!

This article brought back good memories. 

Wasn't into cars then. Just casual admirer, now. 

I'm not joking when I say this, but my folks traded in my purebred show jumping horse for it! The dealer was a horsebreeder.  

Lol! Horsepower for horsepower! I approved the trade, trust me! 

Pit Crew

I have always liked Buicks, and have owned two of them.  My first one was a 1960 Invicta hardtop with the 401 c.i. Nailhead that ran like stink !  My last one was a 1968 Deuce-and a-Quarter with the 455 c.i. big block.  Both were fast and trouble free.

Intermediate Driver

Interesting how all the GM lovers picked a Ford 351 to run with the 450+ cu in engines and a 401 AMC. Stacking the deck isn't playing fair. Maybe they should have used GM 350's Ford 351 and AMC 401 to make the comparison fair. But then the GM would Finnish LAST.

Pit Crew

Love this car BUTT, the Colonnade cars, including this, make Edsel's  look like an E-types.

New Driver

Buick was going to come out with a Hemi headed motor in the early 1970’s but the new smog rules stifled it. Around 500 hp if I’m remembering correctly      Google it.  Says BUICK big and bold on the valve covers 

In 1973 (and 1972) the Mustang was no longer available with an engine larger than a 351.


Good numbers, and performance, compared to many other '73s, but appearance matters. Sadly, Malaise is a perfect name for the front end of this car. You only get one chance to make a first impression. 

Intermediate Driver

I was amazed when I looked at the window sticker for this GS Stage 1.  The car was sold new in the town next to where I live now.  In fact, the place where it sold new is only about 5 miles from my house.  The dealership has closed down now but the building is still there. 


Now, I wonder who in this area bought the car new.  As Arte Johnson used to say, "Verrrrrrry interesting."

New Driver

an old buick guy, i never new these cars existed, maybe because i'm in canada. that forced me into corvettes in the day.

you have a wonderful car. parents had a lesabre 4 door. 340 auto sedan, not a chick mobile, but my high school squeeze had memorable nights in that car.

oh, that sedan regularly beat 340 swingers, etc. stock.broke more than one motor mount!

thanks for the memories.   

take care, be well, and stay safe!





Buick was always viewed as an "old man's car" and still has that image today.

Cadillac was able to transform itself.