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Hagerty Employee

The 1973 Buick GS Stage 1 four-speed is a rare, forgotten muscle machine

Buick’s public relations department was asleep at the wheel in 1973. Although the brand’s Gran Sport Stage 1 was among the stoutest of the remaining midsize muscle cars offered that year, it was largely ignored by most of the major contemporary car magazines. Car and DriverRoad & TrackHot Rod, and others failed to publish road tests of the GS, which offered more cubic inches, horsepower and torque than almost anything else coming out of Motown.


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Pit Crew

Truly special Buick. Thank you for the background information, fine article.

Pit Crew

A friend of mine had me stuff a 74 455 from an Electra 225 into his 1975 regal. It is a really nice car and my installation looked factory, lucky to have whole donor car. This was in 2004. It will smoke the tires at 35 mph

New Driver

Hi there, hope you are well. My name is Kris. I came across your comment and I was wondering about that 1975 Buick Regal. I have imported one, a two door coupe from the state of New Hampshire to London, United Kingdom in 2015. The car had it's original 350 swapped for a big block 455 at some point in time. My Buick is golden tan in color I believe with a full vinyl top. Could this be the same car? I hope you see my message as I have no history of the car. Please get in touch. Thank you and take care.
Pit Crew

No, his car is dark green with light green 1/2 vinyl top and interior. Also as of last month still has it.

New Driver

Cool, thanks for letting me know. Take care. 


Saw this car at the Hershey aaca show and it was a amazing restoration !   I own a 73 Century 350 package 2 dr triple white 15k mi. Great driving cars !  


Nothing Muscular about 1973.



I could look at this cream-puff bubble-top all day. Wouldn't own one, though.

Pit Crew

Looks like the precursor to my 1975 Pontiac Grand Am.

Intermediate Driver

A friend of a friend in high school had one back in the early 80's. It was a 455 car and I believe it was a Stage I as well, Blue with gold lettering/side stripe. For some reason, he had it repainted by Earl Scheib, who painted over all the decals and stripes. It was just terrible. 

New Driver

4D37V3H172236 This is the vin of our 1973 Buick stage 1 455 4 speed car can anyone tell what it is worth would like to sell needs love

Can you send pics?  

fyi, the VIN only value thing dies in 1972.   1970 if one is a purist.