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The 1968–69 MG MGC had size 3000 shoes to fill

Set your clock back to 1967 for a moment. Back when MG sports cars still roamed the earth. It was before the dark days of British Leyland, but MG was still part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC), which also owned Austin, Morris, and others. Thanks to corporate cost-cutting and U.S. safety regulations that year, MG found itself with the unenviable task of building a replacement for the revered Austin-Healey 3000. Remember, the Healey was a quintessential classic English roadster—a car almost impossible to dislike. It was a tough act to follow, and MG didn’t have a lot of resources at its disposal. Imagine showing up to an open mic night and realizing you’re up after Dave Chapelle.


MG’s answer was essentially a softer six-cylinder version of the MGB, called the MGC.


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I owned a BRG convertible back in the day, and it was a perfectly good (albeit nose heavy) top down cruiser.  The real problem was maintenance (surprise!).  There are some unique rubber parts/fittings that deteriorate and break.  You guessed it: there are no replacements available.  It eats exhaust systems too.  Very inconvenient.  These days, this car belongs in a museum -- not used as a regular driver.

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