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The 13-year old role model leading by example and winning in her kart | Hagerty Media

Podium-winning kart racer, award-winning community hero, anti-bullying campaigner and budding entrepreneur who is funding her motorsport career by upcycling old pistons and tires. Thirteen-year-old Catherine Potter is an impressive young woman. Editor's Note: As part of International Women's Day, Hagerty is giving a platform to women driving change.

I remember some time ago when AutoWeek touted a 13-year-old karting phenom as someone to watch. His name was Lewis Hamilton. Maybe young Catherine has as bright a future; she seems to have the tools.
Pit Crew

Thank you she gives 100percent into everything she does we are so proud of her.

Pit Crew

Thank you 🙏 that’s so kind of you to say

Great drive and determination. Bullies be damned! Go get ‘em!
Pit Crew

Thank you
Pit Crew

Is there any way possible, that she can be cloned. An amazing young woman. Thank you for this article.
Pit Crew

Thank you 🙏
Intermediate Driver

Good job Catherine, you are a shining example to us all. Much success to you and your family in the years to come.
Pit Crew

She likes to prove nothing is impossible.
Follow your dream hers is cars and I’m sure some how she will get there
Pit Crew

I love to see young people carving a name for themselves in greatness and using their platform to right the wrongs of society. Catherine is an incredible example to her peers as well as the adults in the room (Yep, we too can learn from her generous heart). I anticipate great things for this lass. She is certainly on the right...track.
Pit Crew

Thank you that’s such a kind thing to say. I remember one incident during covid after a long day delivering gifts to the self isolated on our village she seen a elderly couple holding hands watering one of her swans that she made them. She actually started to cry. Saying I think they like it.

Pit Crew

Thank you for the kind comments about my daughter. I would like to thank James and the rest of team including the photographer for all the behind the scenes work organising this. I would especially like to thank Charlotte. The zoom meeting was amazing.
Catherine is normally quite a shy and takes quite some time to come out of her shell. I was sitting in the corner of the room watching Catherine just open up to Charlotte. It was like they had already met several times before.
Catherine has been through so much in the past to the point she struggles to trust anyone new in her life.
Charlotte was brilliant absolutely brilliant.
Knowing she wouldn’t be able to add certain parts to the story for various reasons Charlotte continued to let Catherines explain what she has been through then offering girl power rise above it advice.
Catherines now has so much confidence taking to Charlotte she has asked myself to make sure if anyone was to ever interview her again please can it be her.
I would also like to thank Hagerty as a company. Since this article she has had more followers and orders on her retyred by Catherine page. A kind offer of a free weekend round in a Retro kart series she has been warned they have vary little grip but more power than her own kart. She is very excited about this. Then just tonight’s a kind gentleman has sent over a very generous donation.
None of this would ever have happened if it wasn’t for you guys.
Thank you Hagerty.

What a fantastic story! A great example to all , and a great role model. So refreshing to see good news. And thank you to her parents for raising a child with such a good heart.