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Hagerty Employee

The 10 biggest sales from the 2021 "Scottsdale Part II" auctions | Hagerty Media

Given all the jumbling of events and calendars this year, it's no surprise that January's Scottsdale auctions didn't proceed as normal. The biggest Scottsdale auction, Barrett-Jackson, didn't even take place in January and was postponed to March 23-27.
Advanced Driver

I've lusted after the Ferrari 275 GTB4 ever since I saw one listed for $17,500 in the R&T classified way back when. Couldn't afford it then, REALLY can't afford it now.

i like 1 of the least expensive (275 GTB) only. I hate auctions (since a lill boy).
Oh, wait, that $ goes w/the 1 above, no matter. I would not want the others. Driving and viewing it would be a pleasure...

Andrew, I'm not surprised at the amount of hostility regarding heavy money here, an occupation in the Hobby.
I drive my cars. I modify for safety and efficiency, never making exterior alterations. If you are a collector then bless you, and you have the right to spend your money anyway you like. Financially I
can't manage anything this expensive and would be concerned about driving it here on the Left Coast with all the idiots in their computer cars driving while looking at their smartphones.
Please remember Hagerties that rising prices lift all cars (values) as in, rising tides lift all boats.
The downside of course is that its very difficult for entry level folks to get in the Hobby. And there are some modest beginnings in that area, Craigslist, Barn Finders and so on.
So Andrew, thanks for this, and the dreams..............

I have often heard it said that buying and selling of classic cars, art, etc. is a convenient way of concealing elicit financial transactions since no one ever questions the ridiculous prices paid for some of these things. What I saw above tends to confirm that theory. Nice cars, but not that nice
Pit Crew

Funny thing about posting thoughts on the internet forum such as Hagerty. I wrote my comments, a somewhat scathing view of the sale and society, but quickly deleted them because I didn't want to get shunned by the community!
Pit Crew

Sorry TG Show how often I post anything, I thought I was making a general post, not replying to your post.
New Driver

Regarding the 1967 Corvette, the author states that the 67 is more valuable: "because 1967 was the only year that matched L88 engine with more attractive C2 body style." More attractive in whose opinion??? If the author said "more in demand" or "valued more because it is a C2," then that would at least be objective. Some folks believe that the C1(b) version is the most attractive, and folks like myself who think that the 3rd - 5th year (70-72) of the C3 is the most attractive. While it is OK to state your opinion, don's state it as though it is some sort of empirical fact. I really like these Hagerty articles, but some of the writers need to go back to high school to learn how to write.
Pit Crew

I was personally present for both Mecum in Glendale and Barrett in Scottsdale. Have people lost their minds!!!!! How can a person compete with this s***. Showed up at Mecum
Almost got in a fist fight over a chair. I'm 65 years old this guy was 40. There were no deals. Every single car that I watched went for more than it was worth. These auction companies are eating it up. I've been a participant at Barrett for 15 years I'm not going back. They are only for the wealthy. The little guy gets Screwed! I personally helped three different bidders walk away form a vechial at Barrett-jackson to watch someone else pay way more than the car was worth!! I think I could create a reality story and show of the aftermath buying a car at auction. And the end story is not a happy ending! Good Luck and be Careful
Pit Crew

To be fair, Hagerty has done umpteen articles on the bargains bought at auctions over the years. That said, I think the ‘59 Vette and ‘65 GT350, in particular, were aberrations and don’t reflect the actual market for these cars.
New Driver

Like many others, It's interesting to see these cars at auction, but beyond the reach of most mortals. Please show some of those cheaper cars/trucks.