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Hagerty Employee

The 10 best factory-built mud boggers, rock crawlers, and trail dogs in showrooms now

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted to go off-road—as in, really off the beaten path—you first had to go to the aftermarket and plunk down your credit card. You’d have to modify your truck with a lifted suspension, chunky tires, stronger axles, locking differentials, maybe a sway bar disconnection kit, and a winch. Don’t forget a set of rock sliders and steel bumpers to protect its body, and beefy skidplates to armor its underbelly. Read the full article on

Pit Crew

Last I knew, The Rubicon Trail was near Lake Tahoe. That would be Northern, not Southern California.


I am not an enthusiast of this part of the Hobby but certainly the manufacterers are investing big numbers in this market. I wish all participants safe rides and good luck.

Intermediate Driver

I first saw the Jeep Gladiator, as a yet unnamed pre-production model at the Easter Jeep gathering in Moab UT a few years back.  It was a huge hit with everyone who saw it and I made a decision right then that I would get one if Jeep ended up making it.  Well, was I ever disappointed when Jeep introduced the Gladiator, not with the extended-cab 6 foot bed we all drooled over at Moab, but a 4-door street version with a stubby, virtually useless bed racked on.

That configuration is fine for the mall-crawler set, however Jeep needs to also make the 2-dr extended cab model as well.

Pit Crew

They forgot the U in TRD.


How can you not include the Ram Rebel?

Hagerty Employee

The Rebel has skid plates and a taller suspension, so it's more of a Z71/TrailBoss competitor.


There are only 9 vehicles listed here

Hagerty Employee

The ZR2 and ZR2 Bison were each counted.


The Jeeps lack an engine, but have a better granny gear. Which is better, HP or gear ratio? I seriously don't know, not my kind of driving. thx