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Hagerty Employee

The ɛ̃fini MS-8 is entry-level luxury from a bygone era

Remember a time when the lease-worthy Mercedes C-Class, Cadillac Catera/CTS, Lincoln LS/MK-whatever, and Jaguar S/XF sedan prowled the streets en masse, hunting for your entry-level luxury dollars? This vehicle genre blossomed in the 1990s in the U.S., but our take on this booming segment pales in comparison to Japan’s concurrent efforts. And you can forget about Lexus; we uncovered a hidden luxury JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) treasure that existed thanks to a fruitful time before the Japanese economic bubble burst in early '92.


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Hagerty Employee

Compelling insights on a vehicle (and brand) I knew nothing of prior. Great piece Sajeev! 

Community Manager

Thank you Bryan, you're too kind!


Another well-researched and interesting slice of semi-obscure automotive history.

Community Manager

Glad you enjoyed it, @Flashman! Thank you for reading! 

Intermediate Driver

I still hold a soft spot in my heart for the Millenia - specifically the S. Hindsight being was it is it is likely very fortunate the 2000 Millennium Edition I test drove at a fly-by-night BHPH lot in 2003 was just a touch out of my price range. I might have been able to scrape the payments together each month but if something went wrong I would have been in trouble. I still think it's a beautiful car and the ME had microfiber-type seats that I really liked.

The refresh in 2001 made it look cheaper and sort of ruined the unique look I liked so much.


Efini would have had a tough go of it in the US since they were FWD. Acura never seemed to be the equal to Lexus or Mercedes, not that they were necessarily trying to be, but I suspect the prices for the Efinis would have been a tough pill to swallow for buyers.

Community Manager

Sadly I think you are right about Efini's chances in the US.