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Hagerty Employee

Test drive! Taking the 289-powered Tiger for a spin | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project - Ep. 12


This episode wraps up about four months of work of work on the Sunbeam, with driveability issues addressed and finally escaping the confines of my neighborhood for some road testing.


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That was fun, good idea with the gopro.  Engine sounds great and 190 is nbd fer sure.  I had a 57 healy 100-6 decades ago with a wrecked cobra 289 engine with corvette side pipes (not the covers) and a shortened/narrowed? Ford rear end.  The axles kept breaking as they were welded.  Wish I kept the engine, didn't mind losing the car, haha.


That hipo 289 will handle 190 just fine. The 289 in my Cougar runs best around 190. I would attribute that softer bottom end to that cam. But in a Tiger? Who cares. The top end charge will more than make up for it. Glad you are getting the bugs worked out. I am glad that you are enjoying it.


Nice! Seems a perfect candidate for thermostatically controlled electric fan(s) and a tight fitting shroud to ensure they're pulling all the air through the radiator, not around it.