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Hagerty Employee

Tearing apart a Zipcar BMW just to get it started

Car ownership isn’t for everyone. My city-dwelling friends have calculated that it is less costly for them to rent a car when they need one rather than owning one. With the cost of a garage spot in downtown Boston hovering at around $400 per month, high insurance rates, excise taxes, and cars just being depreciating assets, it really does make sense to rent a vehicle for the few weekends that it’s needed and use mass transit or ride-sharing for shorter trips.


Being a frequent renter also has its privileges. In place of a typical Toyota Corolla or a Subaru Crosstrek, they are frequently upgraded to much nicer vehicles, such as a Mercedes GLCInfiniti QX50, or the BMW X3 seen here. And it is this X3 that gave them—and me, by default as a ski-house roommate and so-called car guy—an unexpected problem. Read the full article on



he says it best (caution expletives) 


Thanks for the entertaining and informative story. I will keep your advice in mind.