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Talkin’ hot rodding with 99-year-old Ed Iskenderian of Isky Cams

California native Ed Iskenderian is a living legend with nearly a century’s worth of stories—and almost as many years of experience building performance racing parts. Iskenderian was smitten with the first custom car he saw at age 12 and, long before he could drive he began hanging out with fellow thrill seekers on the dry lake beds north of Los Angeles. Along the way he picked up some hands-on skills working in a machine shop, and later he played a crucial role in the America’s post-World war II hot rodding boom.


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That was my era.  Not quite as old as Ed but hope to get there.  In those days if you didn't have the money for a cam you pulled the choke (remember them?) out so the car would have that loping sound, from running rich, and pretend you had one.  I did put a 3/4 race cam in later.  Dual carbs and a primer paint job and off to the races.

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