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Hagerty Employee

Taking a victory lap back to where it all began

You don’t need to be a superhero to have an “origin story.” Many of us have them—only ours are about cars. The stories often begin something like this: “This cool kid on my street had a (fill in the blank).” My attraction to vintage BMWs stems directly from when a Hampshire College student, who owned a 1971 BMW 2002, lived with us for one summer, and he drove me around the back roads of Amherst, Massachusetts, forever impressing on me what this boxy little German sedan could do ... Read the full column on


Intermediate Driver

Ah, Route 202.  Ran my '72 MG Midget up and down 202 way back when.  Back before I too fell into the BMW fold.  Memories.

Advanced Driver

Excellent story, but something's missing here: "...when you drive a car you craved in your to a place you lived when you were young."


I've found it's easier to pass a car now than it was in my youth (little-head decisions notwithstanding), mainly because it's easier to pass in a Porsche than an Austin.

Intermediate Driver

What a beautiful story, Rob.

At 66, I’ve taken a few of those return trips to past environs, but finding big changes, was left unsatisfied.

Funny, I lived in Bethpage back in 1961-1963, the last period of real normalcy in my life. I’m always still going back there in my mind.

In the mid 70’s I entered a contest for a John Player Special, probably sending in over 100 entries. I didn’t win, though. You mention being in a band… Not a drummer too?

Thanks again for a superbly-written article with all the important and relevant elements included, human and mechanical. 


This is the exact twin of the Lotus I owned in 1975 when I was 20.  Many awesome driving adventures and memories!  Unfortunately, I had to let it go after about 1 1/2 years due to insurance cost exceeding my loan payment.  Maybe I should have parked it for a few years...