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Hagerty Employee

Take flight with this helicopter-powered motorcycle | Hagerty Media

There is something slightly insane about attempting to harness a vehicle with more power than it has any rights to possess. In modern times, a car or truck with 350 horsepower is run-of-the-mill. The motorcycle world has a different scale though, and the Marine Turbine Technologies Y2K turbine motorcycle brings the power and brings it in a delightfully absurd way.
Hagerty Employee

There is a great story about him being stuck in traffic with this bike, and melting the front bumper off a tailgating Lexus.

Similar stories were told about the turbine car that Chrysler made in the early '60s (though obviously the tailgater wasn't a Lexus). In the tale I heard, the Chrysler had to stop at a red light and fried the car behind it.
Advanced Driver

I had a friend, much older than myself, tell me about scorching the grille of a 63 Galaxie police cruiser one night that was tailgating him in his 50 Ford hot rod. He didn't realize it was a cop, and pushed in the clutch, revved it a few times, then hit the exhaust igniter. That's when he found out it was a cop!
Pit Crew

I can vouch that he personally told me the same thing about 20 years ago at nbc Burbank as I spoke to him after watching him blast up and down the midway
Intermediate Driver

If I had the money, I'd buy one in a heartbeat! I've been riding motorcycles for over 50 years, and one like this would be fun! I'm too old to try and break 200mph, but just cruising on something like this has to be a blast.

The run time limit you referred to is called "time between overhaul" or TBO and these overhauls are a normal part of aircraft maintainence and can be rebuilt many times. After a certain number of rebuilds these turbines can no longer be certified airworthy but can still be used for other applications like generators or apu's or toys for really rich people.
Before using that bike please be sure to sign your donor card!!

I had a Boss Hoss (V8 motorcycle) for a short time and loved it dearly but never got comfortable with it. Total man crush on Jay. Not only does he ride his jet bike, he learns all about it and had a quick accurate answer for every question.

I'd have one just for the startup sound.