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Take a tour of designer Ian Callum’s wonderful car collection and studio

Jonny Smith, host of the YouTube channel The Late Brake Show, caught up with legendary designer Ian Callum in his workshop/studio where Callum is working on his Singer-style reimagination of the Aston Martin Vanquish, the VC25. The space is also where he also stores his beautifully curated collection of cars.


“What I like about my cars is that they are of a time when I dreamed of having them; they were attainable,” Callum tells Smith as the two take a stroll through the shop. “And that in many ways was the whole ethos of Jaguar … They weren’t overly exotic but they were just on the edge. It’s important that my cars are like that.”


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Because I'm in a Fire Zone in Northern California I don't have much time but I wanted to say that the XJ is one of my favorite cars. Thank you Ian, for taste, and Kirk for the post.

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Wow thank you for taking the time to comment right at this moment! Take care of yourself!